Comparing Willingham to Whole Brain Learning

Taking a look at the whole brain teaching website, I was interested to see that there were a lot of similarities that correlated to the Willingham book. With that said, it really didn’t take long to browse through the website to find something to compare.


The first thing that I noticed was that when clicking onto the above tabs, there was a list of options that would best suit a specific learning option. The Willingham book demonstrates that there isn’t one way to learn for everybody, and that basically is the function of this entire website. What I didn’t understand is whether this site should have a specific idea about it, because it was so broad. Willingham suggests that there isn’t a set way to learn, and he gives us these peripheral cues that are supposed to determine what schools feel is necessary to teach. The ideas here are categorized into Enlightenment and Romantic, and telling a long story short, they’re all either science and government (Enlightenment) or they’re intuition and natural (Romantic). The issue here is that within education, students are supposed to learn more from one of these two learning theories, whether science makes things seem smarter and are therefore more appealing, or is nature and intuition questions the student and makes them want to learn. Willingham make sure that he presents enough of an argument to where we realize that neither are correct.


The Whole Brain Teaching website gives the teacher options as to how to properly get a students’ attention. Whether it’s a quick one-minute presentation, collaboration between classmates, or using a simple word to get the students’ attention will go a long ways. Here is where Willingham relates. In the first two chapters of his book, he stresses that there are no correct ways of properly teaching a class and keeping their attention for its entirety. The website shows that there are multiple ways to go about making sure students feel like they’re attributing, which was the overall point Willingham tries to make.


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