Even the Wife? 50 Shades of God, pt. 2

So, if you’ve read my first post about Jonathan Edwards (if you haven’t, you should) it should come as no coincidence that Sarah Pierrepont Edwards was kind of the same freak as her hubby. If you haven’t, then it’s time you found out.

First of all, when I think of super devout religious couples, I only have one thing flowing through my head, and that’s sex. I might have a problem, but it’s true. For example: I work at a coffee shop in my hometown during the summer, and I know this couple of Jehovah Witnesses (JW Religion) that were really in love with each other. So in love that they got married not even a year after they had known each other. Now, being in a relationship for twice that long still doesn’t make me want to get married. Not even a little. Why do you think they got married? Probably to have sex, is my guess, The JW religion, like Christianity, makes it so you can’t be intimate with your significant other until you tie the knot. In fully believing that, it’s safe to assume that these two are super sexual with their religions and it comes out with their writing.

So, we know that Johnny Edwards enjoyed his alone time with God. Why I didn’t bother to find out if his wife thought the same way is unbelievable on my part. However, Sarah Pierrepont is nothing short of a fun, flirty read about God. “Thursday night, Jan. 28, was the sweetest night I ever had in my life” (OpenAmLit). Oh, so she found Jonathan, right? “I never before, for so long a time together, enjoyed so much of the light, and rest and sweetness of heaven in my soul, but without the least agitation of body during the whole time.” Never mind. Yes, I know, the title of the piece is about conversion, but I really was hoping for something more. Anyways…

This narrative is a little bit harder to decipher in terms of sexuality, only because Pierrepont writes almost in a Romantic way. It’s easy to see in her writing, but it might be a little harder to figure out if she was into Christ like her husband was. She says that “I never before, for so long a time together, enjoyed so much of the light, and rest and sweetness of heaven in my soul, but without the least agitation of body during the whole time… So far as I am capable of making a comparison, I think that what I felt each minute, during the continuance of the whole time, was worth more than all the outward comfort and pleasure, which I had enjoyed in my whole life put together” (OpenAmLit). It really is a type of writing that almost convinces you that Pierrepont is ‘in love’ with Christ himself. It also mentions that she had never felt more comfort and pleasure than she did while converting to Christianity. I really think she does a good job masking her intimacy until she says something else. ” It was pleasure, without the least sting, or any interruption. It was a sweetness, which my soul was lost in. It seemed to be all that my feeble frame could sustain, of that fullness of joy…” Annnnd we are back, folks. Getting it, sensually, from the big man himself. ‘My feeble frame?’

So not even Jonathan could pleasure, basically.


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